Friedrich Nietzsche spent his days hiking the Swiss Alps, where he discovered the joy of philosophy: not as a logical puzzle — but as an adventure.

The love of fate as an alternative to individualism

John Watkiss (1961–2017) — The Birth of Free Will (Detail)

Part II of PROMISED LAND, a series on the religious history of the United States.

Adam Smith, one of the patron saints of American Capitalism.


The religious history of America has always stood in curious relationship to its economic history. This is owing to the fact that the political revolution spearheaded by the United States was driven in turn the revolutions occurring in religious and economic thought.

Part I of PROMISED LAND: A series on the religious history of the United States.

Edward Percy Moran (1862–1935) — Pilgrim’s Landing (early 1900s)

Whether we’re talking Star Wars or Twilight, Star Trek or Batman, there is no real difference between“canon” and “fan fiction”.

Disputing the popular view of Nietzsche as an irrationalist

“One of Nietzsche’s most famous maxims is that ‘truth serves life’, and that’s a very different idea than the purpose of truth, say, as the accurate representation of the objective world.”

— Jordan Peterson*

What we find persuasive has very little to do with objective truth

The School of Athens (detail) — by Raphael (courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The history of a divided world

Plato’s allegory of the cave by Jan Saenredam, according to Cornelis van Haarlem, 1604, Albertina, Vienna, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A brief history of “questionability” in the 20th and 21st century — and its victims.

Thomas Cole — Destruction (from the series The Course of Empire)

“Socrates, to confess it frankly, is so close to me that almost always I fight a fight against him.”

Socrates (470–399 BC), Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900 AD)

Alpha and Omega

No philosopher has been more revered throughout history than Socrates. He was an unpopular figure in his own time, because he challenged the artists, statesmen, and other philosophers of Athens to explain their reasoning for what they held to be true. His unmitigated skepticism soured the community against him, and led to Socrates’ eventual downfall — but it is for this same reason that Socrates has been immortalized.

K. J. L. Kjeldsen

Musician who has been touring for the past eight years. I write autodidact philosophy, memoirs, short stories and cultural criticism.

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